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    Sunday, March 18, 2018
    S-H-A-R-I-N-G Socially

    Global Cell Service – Get Started Today - Easy As 1, 2, 3

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    3) Buy Cell Service

    AMZ Statement Of Purpose

    AMZ Mobile is a referral company and their goal is to help people by showing them how to create an income with their own business and help others do the same. That is why anyone can sign up for free, refer customers, and earn an income. Plus they have made it possible for people to get free mobile service every single month.

    The impact of what that means is that those who struggle to pay their phone bills can now get at least seven paying customers and have free mobile service for life. Poor people including the homeless have very few options when it comes to making an income, so when they can join for free, get free service and earn an income, that is a big deal and will make a huge difference in their lives.

    Non-profit organizations have to cut back on their programs because of the economy and lack of funds. AMZ Mobile is the perfect fundraiser. Whether it is a church, a school, a business, an individual, a college student, or a nonprofit, help the organization you love by setting up a fundraiser with them so they can receive a substantial residual monthly income.

    AMZ Mobile is a technological innovative company and brings to us tremendous opportunities. They have one of the most competitive mobile plans out there but that is not their only purpose. Their main purpose is to make mobile phones secure and make mobile banking secure as well. We all know there is hacking and fraud everywhere we turn and AMZ Mobile has the solutions to these problems.

    AMZ Current Products

    The Amazing Mobile Plan covers the United States, Puerto Rico, the U. S. Virgin Islands, Mexico and Canada. For only $49.95 per month you get unlimited text, no overage charge, free roaming in Mexico and Canada, 10GB hotspot data per line, streaming in high definition, and unlimited data on LTE. You also get amazing customer service.

    AMZ Future Products 

    The owners of AMZ Mobile plan to bring mobile commerce to the U. S. Their hi-tech, patented credit card is secure and unhackable. The card has a biometric scanner that takes your fingerprint and pulse so there will be no doubt who the owner is. The card has a digital financial wallet which will allow you to load up to 50 different credit cards on the highly complex Master Card/Visa Card making all your credit cards secure.

    The credit card communicates with the mobile app on your phone so all your files and financial information on your mobile phone will also be secure. The app will allow the user to transact in cryptocurrencies and will also support the five major cryptocurrencies and 10 fiat currencies. Soon AMZ Mobile will offer a mobile bank account as well as their upcoming ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

    AMZ International Banking Market

    Mobile banking is a system developed by financial institutions that allow customers to conduct certain financial transactions through their mobile phone. At present, there are approximately 53 million active users of mobile banking in the U.S.  The global banking industry has experienced healthy growth in recent years, registering a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.7% between 2012 and 2016 to reach a value of $134.1 trillion, according to data from research firm MarketLine.

    AMZ Cryptocurrency Market

    According to Jim Kim, President at The World Bank, the digital economy is worth $11.5 trillion globally. 

    AMZ Home Based Business Market

    There are 38 million home-based businesses in the U.S.  Home-based companies are generating big bucks with a total annual revenue in 2017 of $427 billion; and 20 percent of home-based businesses make $100K-$500K per year.

    AMZ Mobile Phone Market

    According to IBIS World Industry Research, wireless communications carriers in the U.S. have an annual revenue of $254B.

    AMZ Total Market Potential

    The total market potential for AMZ Mobile is amazing. When you add the four categories relating to AMZ Mobile they total over $146.3 trillion. The point is, when you have the most important top success factors for a business which AMZ Mobile does, you have a formula for success.

    The Three Most Important Success Factors for a Telecom Business

    • Developing close relationships in other industries
    • Ready access to investment funding
    • Ability to quickly adopt new technology

    AMZ Corporate Background

    AMZ Mobile is a program offered by United Network Carriers LLCX (“UNC”) in partnership with AT&T. UNC began in 1982 by managing and operating, on behalf of the US government, one of the first GSA telecom regions for all local and service equipment throughout the US Mid-Atlantic States as a sole provider. It then partnered in a joint venture with Sprint Corporation to develop a national account program for the sale of network services and equipment.  In 1993 it provided satellite communications services to UN Protection forces throughout the former Yugoslavia, which services included voice, data, electronic fire control, distance learning and tele-medicine.  These same services were also provided in Somalia, Haiti, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and Afghanistan.  Total revenues for these projects exceeded $2.1 billion.

    The AMZ Mobile program in partnership with AT&T is designed to provide the most competitive cell phone plan for American consumers. AMZ Mobile and Crypto Fury work directly with AT&T.

    AMZ Corporate Team 

    James Lau – Banker. Started a commercial bank in Canada – Jamison Bank CEO of Crypto Fury and Controlling Shareholder of AMZ Mobile and Crypto Fury

    John Warden - Executive Chairman of Crypto Fury

    AMZ Marketing Pay Plan

    A person can go from free service to earning income with their social networks just by becoming an agent for free. But there is still more… help your agents in your organization get free service and your commissions will grow.  The pay plan is simple – save money and make money and help others do the same.

    AMZ 4-4 Referral Program

    The 4-4 Referral Program is one of the easiest and perhaps the most lucrative referral programs in the world.  Our plan is easy for both you the member and for each person who purchases and uses the service. The 4-4 program can be summarized in one sentence – refer 4 clients and show them how to refer 4 clients.  That’s it!   This program works because their pricing is so competitive.

    AMZ Mobile is not a multi-level marketing company.  It is a true referral program.  There are no membership fees and no stocking of inventory. It is this easy – if you refer 4 people who become clients, you are qualified to get paid.  You will be paid all the way to the 10th level.  And you are not restricted to refer only 4 people.  You can refer as many clients as you want and will be paid accordingly.