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    Funding Your Purpose
    Friday, October 19, 2018
    S-H-A-R-I-N-G University’s Mission And Vision

    Who We Are: We are S-H-A-R-I-N-G (Sending Hope And Rebuilding Into National Goals) University, a movement of like-minded people with a mission of helping the poor and the sick for a common goal. Our goal is to bring up the standard of all nations by eliminating poverty and sickness.

    What We Know: We take on global problems that no one else has solved teaming up with organizations and technology. We work with individuals, colleges, cities, states, governments, churches, communities, non-profit organizations, and companies.

    We help the poor and unhealthy in unique ways. We take on issues and find answers to those issues and give people choices and hope. We treat everyone as a unique individual and customize a fundraiser for each person through SU Fundraisers. That is what we know.

    How We Plan: Our strategic plan is to help people around the world find their purpose and fulfill their dreams. By helping individuals help themselves it ultimately helps their local communities. When individuals and local communities are helped, that in turn will help regions and states progress as well as whole countries.

    SU focuses on helping people get back to nature and utilize what God our Creator has given to them. Anyone can get help in every area of their being with our program whether it be physical, mental, financial, or spiritual.

    Why We Exist: In order to help people in these areas, we have to know what their obstacles and struggles are so that a plan can be put in place to help them climb out of their situation. People do not want to be poor nor do they want to be sick, but they need a chance. People are searching for answers but it is almost impossible to know what to do when there are very few choices.

    No one has been able to solve these issues; governments have not even come close to solving homelessness and sickness. There has been a missing link and no one has been able to identify or realize that link – until NOW.

    Our SU Classes Set In Motion Our Strategic Business Plan

    Our Classes bring everything together because almost everyone has a mobile phone and they can go to it any time they want and even conduct business.

    Our education platform allows you to go viral so that people can get the training they need around the world. Our Classes complete the circle of life giving people the missing link they need to become successful. Our platform is the connection people need so they can earn a living once again.

    Our education platform gives people what they want and need:

    Social Services For The Poor
    Healthy Food And Supplements
    Credit Restoration And Money
    Help With Marketing Their Business
    Innovative Real Estate Training

    Our platform is designed to allow people to conduct business with mobile phones. Most homeless people do not have computers and cannot afford Internet Service but they have cell phones. Websites are how businesses and even Fortune 500 companies conduct business today. With our mobile sites, people everywhere can get what they want by using their cell phones.

    Remember, if we can imagine it, then we can achieve it with technology today. Our goal is to imagine people that have not had many options in the past having unlimited options in the future with our education platform on their cell phone. Imagine the poor conducting their own business from their cell phone and becoming successful. Imagine the sick finding solutions for their illness and rejoining society in positive ways.

    Our Plan For Helping The Poor

    Our education platform is designed to help people start their own fundraiser so they can focus and get solutions instead of being in survival mode. To be able to help the poor, we have to start where they are. We have to jump start them and provide them with money so that they can start their own fundraising efforts. If they are homeless then we are going to have to help them in practical ways with life’s necessities like providing them with a safe place to live, clothes, good nutrition, money, direction, training, support, and so forth. Our mission is very large so our vision also has to be very large.

    To get people where they want to go to accomplish their purpose, the Social Credit App will give us the information we need to give them a Plan of Action and fund their business. We are able to get a person a loan with the information we get from the App. Our partners will facilitate paying for setting up businesses, business tools, training, marketing, improving credit scores, and personal expenses. The maximum loan will be for $500,000 with certain criteria having to be met. According to individual needs, lessor loans will also be made available.

    One of the resources we will use to help people heal from their past is “Healing The Mind,” which was written specifically for people needing a way to overcome obstacles in their life so that they can move forward and be successful. Even though “Healing The Mind” was written specifically to be used for the homeless, it is recommended that everyone read the book as well.

    Our Plan For Healing The Sick

    Our education platform is designed to provide people globally with nutritious supplements for specific health issues. The supplements we use are chosen for their purity and health benefits. We also have Herbal Food to help the body operate at optimum levels. There are no guarantees that people will have a sustainable food supply in the future. The time to act is now.

    If you look under the Creating Health tab, you will see the wonderful companies we have chosen that address issues like weight loss, detoxing, alkalizing the body, herbal remedies, and anti-aging. We are happy to promote these amazing products that have a high rate of success in getting people better from Cancer, Diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease as well as other diseases. All of our products are all natural and pharmaceutical grade.

    It is hard for people who are very sick to work and provide a living at the same time. And people are dying needlessly when there are natural ways of addressing health issues. So, if we address issues that are affecting people from moving forward in their lives, we have to address sickness along with addressing poverty.

    Our health classes will help people get answers they need by linking different illnesses with different products and health technology. The classes are so simple, you can click on a link and it will take you directly to the information you need.

    Our Plan For Improving Skill Sets

    Our Global Education Platform can be accessed on any mobile smart phone so people can be educated through social opportunities, food opportunities, housing opportunities, and financial opportunities. People will also have access to recorded and streaming Movies, Sports, News plus many other cable channels to keep up on what is going on in the real world.

    Through our learning center people can link to health and financial information and business training videos; they will be recorded and live streaming. There will be all kinds of training available. If a person wants to learn, they will be able to learn through our Educational Platform.

    By using our platform people will be connected to the real world where there are real answers for real problems so they can find real solutions in their unreal circumstance. They can find answers to their questions, get entertainment, be involved in a community, view inspirational movies, and most importantly get trained in business through videos.

    Our Plan For Business Opportunities

    Our Social Marketing System is designed to assist good people in their marketing efforts. People can market their own business or choose one of our social entrepreneur businesses. Everyone will have the opportunity to start and make a substantial income if they have the interest to do so and achieve what they want to achieve.

    People will be shown how to get daily targeted leads to build their business through our Social Marketing System. Our Marketing System is designed to get leads in real time from social sites by using targeted key words. Real time leads are crucial to being successful in today’s social market.

    We make starting a successful business achievable. We provide a free website, free opportunities to make money, free training with easy to follow instructions, free cell phone service, free social leads, and free business tools, passive investment programs, housing programs, nutritional information and products, duplicateable businesses, and fundraising programs.

    Our Plan For Global Housing

    Our last class is designed to share with the world a plan to provide housing needs for the needy. We hope to find people willing and able to help the homeless be homeless no longer. We will show people how they can build a house on wheels, or affectionately called “tiny houses.” The smaller the house, the more efficient it must be.

    Because of their design tiny houses can be placed in backyards, vacant lots, parking lots, parks, garages, deserts, trailer parks, special designated areas, etc. We will provide free designs and instructions for building these affordable structures. Houses on wheels will be the first phase. Next, if people so desire, they can upgrade to larger permanent structures.

    Everyone needs a safe place to live to keep them out of the cold, heat, rain, etc. Without adequate housing people get their things stolen, lost, and ruined. Living in the open is totally unsafe with people being killed, raped, and scared emotionally. They do not have adequate food, water, bath facilities, restrooms, etc. And the children! Children need a home; they need an intact family to learn and thrive. So providing the basic necessities for the poor has to start with housing.

    Help Us Make This A Better World

    What do you want this world to look like? Do you want a world that has no poverty or sickness? With new and changing technology, there is no reason that change cannot come in our lifetime. If our world is going to change, it will have to start with each and every one of us. Whether you are wealthy or poor, young or old, or whatever your circumstance, there is a place for everyone. We want to make this place a safer world for our children and families and we want to leave this planet a cleaner place than what we found it.

    If we all start thinking and dreaming and planning for these things and working towards them, change will come. That is how we can create the kind of world we want because that is how things get done. Seek now with an open heart so that you too will be a part of making a difference in this world.

    Now, it is time to begin and work. God’s vision is not run by governments but it is run by all of us banding together to allow God our Creator to work in and through us. If we believe, we will receive, and there is nothing that can stop God from accomplishing the work that he has started and that only He can bring about.

    S-H-A-R-I-N-G University is not critical of any government, race, gender, religion, or creed. S-H-A-R-I-N-G University does not advocate any type of civil disobedience, whether it be violent or non-violent, for any cause or purpose whether the cause or purpose be religious, political, racial, or for any other cause or purpose. S-H-A-R-I-N-G University is a NGO (Non-Governmental Organization).