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    Tuesday, April 24, 2018
    Save Money Then Get Free Service

    Internet TV Service - Sign Up Is Easy As 1, 2, 3 Refer 5 For Free Service

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    Questions And Answers

    Question: What carrier is the Cellphone service on?

    Answer: The carrier is AT&T which is the world’s largest network.

    Question: How much does the cellphone service cost?

    Answer: The monthly service is $59.95. Taxes and shipping for the SIM card are included. There is no hidden cost, no activation fee, and no contract. You do pay the first month and last month upfront for the service. This plan is the same plan that cost $90 with AT&T.

    Question: What is the service plan?

    Answer: You get unlimited talk, text, and data plus unlimited hotspot.

    Question: Are there any family plans?

    Answer: No, there is only the one plan but you can get it for free by referring 7 paying customers.

    Question: How do I get a SIM card?

    Answer: You order the SIM card from the company and they will ship it to the address you provide.

    Question: Can I buy a cellphone through the company?

    Answer: No, cellphones are not available through the company. You can buy them through AT&T, a local store, or online.

    Question: Do I have to be out of my contract before I can sign up?

    Answer: No, you can get a new number or make payment arrangements with your current carrier and port your number over to AT&T.

    Question: Can I sign up with your company if I am already with AT&T?

    Answer: Yes you can. That is a great thing because you may save a substantial amount of money for the same service.

    Question: Can I get paid on referrals?

    Answer: Yes, you get paid on referrals. This company has a very good pay plan. You get paid on up to 10 levels of referrals.

    Question: How much does the TV service cost?

    Answer: The Internet TV Service is only $39 a month with no hidden costs. There is no cost to join, no activation cost, and no contract. Stop paying unnecessary cable bills.

    Question: What is the quality of the Internet TV Service?

    Answer: You will be impressed with the quality. Most of the programs are in quality HD. Live and On-Demand videos do not buffer.

    Question: Do I have to have internet to use the service?

    Answer: Yes, you do have to have a minimum internet with 10 megabytes uploads and 10 megabytes downloads.

    Question: What channels do I get with the Internet TV Service?

    Answer: You get so much for so little. You can access over 1300 Live Channels along with over 6000 Movies On-Demand and On-Demand TV shows. You get Live Sports and Live Events as well as HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and a great selection of International Channels in many languages.

    Question: What sports channels do I get?

    Answer: You get every sport imaginable in the United States as well as other countries. You can watch up to four channels at a time if you want to.

    Question: Is Pay Per View included in the price or is it extra?

    Answer: Good news! Pay Per View is included in the $39 price. Have a party and have some fun with this feature!

    Question: Can I use this service on multiple TVs?

    Answer: Definitely. You can stream on 5 devices all at one time. You can stream on mobile phones, laptops, computers and smart TVs. You can hook up a computer to your TV and even use other devices like tablets and fire sticks.

    Question: Can I make money referring people to the service?

    Answer: Only if you want to save other people money and give them the opportunity to get quality TV at a great price. The answer, of course, is a definite YES! You can actually earn the monthly service for free if you refer 8 people that sign up then you make commissions after the first 8 referrals. You will get paid on all of your binary team to infinity.