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Tuesday, September 19, 2017
The Solution

Solutions are simple even to complex problems if you look in the right place for the answer. Our Creator has always provided answers to every problem we could ever imagine. For years and years our food had all the nutrients we needed to nourish our bodies because that is the way our Creator created food. He did not create food to make us sick. The same thing goes for our air and water. God has given us everything we need and it is up to us working with Him to get the job done to get back to healthy.

Solutions to community problems have also come through decades of working with different companies and planting seeds necessary for change. The poor, sick, and homeless have few options and they need a business model that will meet them where they are. The timing is ripe for change because companies are coming forth that are committed to helping people and giving us special deals so we can pass on savings and business opportunities that even the homeless can do.

We have solutions to health problems that are simple as well. Our bodies need natural nutrients to help us control our blood sugar, promote healthy cell growth, alkaline our bodies, lose weight, have energy, skin protection, and everything needed to start a new life. Financial solutions have also been addressed with savings on products and services along with free services such as free cell phone service, free cable TV, free health coaching, free million dollar training, free internet, free international calling, and the solutions start when you sign up with S-H-A-R-I-N-G University for free.