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    Wednesday, November 14, 2018
    Top 2 Smart Mining Pools

    #1 Vista Networks - Sign Up For Free Then Upgrade To Earn More

    As the popularity and application of cryptocurrencies continues to skyrocket, it is important to choose the right company. Make sure the company you work with has a track record and will be there for the long term. Vista Mining has a three-year track record and will be an industry leading cryptocurrency mining organization for many years to come.

    Vista strives to build the strongest, fastest-growing, cryptocurrency network in the world backed by state-of-the-art hardware and software systems developed to provide speed, security, and reliability. With Vista Mining, everyday people now have an opportunity to participate in the lucrative dimension of cryptocurrency mining.

    Years in the making Vista is just now introducing a breakthrough in mining technology. Only slightly larger than a modern smart phone, Vista has created a first in its class mining appliance called the Mini-Miner so now you can mine from the comfort of your home. Its portability, low-energy profile, and affordability make it a solution for the masses to benefit from mining cryptocurrencies.

    The Mini-Miner employs a proprietary CPU-based approach that maximizes the Hash Power from the device and combines that with the Hash Power from millions of other similar devices to perform the intense computational work of crypto mining. In other words, Vista Mining is changing the cryptocurrency mining industry.

    Vista Mining’s entire infrastructure runs on highly secured servers that are distributed around the world. Their intelligent load balancing and fail-over system ensures you will be up and running 99.9% of the time. By owning the Mini Miner and doing the mining yourself you will earn daily profits from all of the coins being mined by the Vista Company.

    Vista has reversed the concept of "power to the people" to "power by the people". Vista has engineered a proprietary mining infrastructure that unites farms of high-powered hardware with an expansive network of distributed devices to create the ultimate mining medium. Vista no doubt is destined to be one of the largest multi-cryptocurrency players in the crypto space.

    Vista now gives you a way to mine around 40 cryptocurrencies. Vista Exchange will be a full-featured trading platform for the major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Zcash, Monero and Dash. Vista exchange will offer a suite of order types to give traders the tools they need for every scenario.

    The motivations behind the Vista Exchange are simple: lower fees, faster transfers, and a wide variety of currencies to trade. The Internet of Money is growing at an exponential rate with over 500% of market cap growth in the first half of 2017 alone – and it is just getting started giving you the perfect time to get involved.

    Vista consistently provides first-mover advantage on upcoming opportunities in crypto mining technology. The Vista IT Teams host a rare mix of technical and savvy expertise and are dedicated to providing leading edge technology for the people. By getting involved sooner rather than later, you will be capitalizing on the wave of the future. Get started with Vista today


    #2 Wealth Generators - Click To Sign Up And Start Earning Daily

    Wealth Generators is all about helping your money work for you. Their Find, Grow, Keep philosophy can help redirect the course of your life.  They help you find money you don’t have, grow your wealth, and help you keep the money you have earned. With Wealth Generators, you will learn to work smarter not harder.

    Wealth Generators implements a proven system that delivers information directly to individuals. They leverage the experience and knowledge of seasoned professionals to get you started in the lucrative world of cryptocurrency. It has been said that the secret of getting ahead is getting started and Wealth Generators is here to help you every step of the way.

    Wealth Generators has been in business for over five years helping people make money with forex and stocks and is publicly traded. Now they are expanding into the cryptocurrency space giving you an opportunity to take advantage of their expertise in finance. Wealth Generators knows where the future is and the future is in cryptocurrencies.

    Lease contracts for cryptocurrency mining equipment are now available to their CRYPTO customers. Their unique contracts provide 1,000 days of cryptocurrency mining, hardware maintenance, and energy costs. Businesses are discovering the benefits of CRYPTO as well as individuals. In just two months Wealth Generator’s revenue doubled with CRYPTO.

    Wealth Generator’s equipment is top quality so therefore the CRYPTO lease contracts provide some of the most competitive hashing rates in the industry. In other words, the equipment performs extremely efficiently and provides a high level of daily output. The equipment mining specs for CRYPTO are AMD RX GPUs or Nvidia P106/1060 GPUs.

    CRYPTO uses a proprietary algorithm to determine the most cost efficient cryptocurrencies to be mining at any given time. This algorithm helps ensure the efficient use of equipment used in mining cryptocurrencies. The current cryptocurrencies being mined through the CRYPTO platform are Ethereum, Dash, Monero, Ethereum Classic, but others may be added at any time.

    After the lease contracts are executed, mining will begin within 10 business days. Once mining begins, CRYPTO provides its customers daily coin payouts. The coin payouts will be delivered in Ethereum directly to your personal digital wallet (wallet must accept Ethereum). Those that elect to share CRYPTO with others can earn CRYPTO points for each lease contract that they sell.

    Wealth Generators’ headquarters are in Salt Lake City, Utah. Wealth Generators are dedicated to helping people change their lives so that they can function on a whole different level financially. They have made it possible to earn cryptocurrency passively as well as a substantial income with their infinity pay plan by building a team. Join them today and make a difference.