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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

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SU seeks people willing and able to help those in need, whatever the reason, no matter the challenge. To this end, SU has developed meaningful global partnerships with an assortment of companies that specialize in areas such as water and solar technologies, real estate and tiny homes, food distribution and timebank opportunities.

By working in consortium with other non-profits and universities, city and state governments, churches, public entities and other humanitarian organizations, SU is taking on community problems governments have failed to resolve.

SU continues to attract global players to the table, from highly credentialed individuals to venture capitalists to companies looking to expand into the realm of Social Entrepreneurship. One of the most meaningful partnerships to date is the collaboration with the newly launched Property Tobit Exchange Network (PTEN.)

Collectively ushering in a new era, one lovingly termed “the helping economy,” PTEN and SU have formed a meaningful alliance. One that gives anyone wishing to make a powerful difference a chance to contribute hours for tokens, thus leveling the playing field in a marketable way.

There is also training in credit restoration and business loans, merchant processing, communication systems, cryptocurrency mining and trading and business management. Every student receives the training and support needed to succeed in one or more lucrative businesses.
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